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Furniture Resale Guides
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1 / What does membership get me?

You'll be added to our e-mail newsletter and recieve furniture resale guides. We'll share data & photos of the top selling used designer furniture pieces to buy and resell online on ebay or facebook marketplace. These items can be often found in your local area at garage sales, estate sales, craigslist, facebook marketplace, and more. Our guides showcase a mixture of vintage and modern items. 

We include price ranges for what they have recently sold for, so you can buy inventory wisely.

If you have ever considered becoming a part-time reseller, keep in mind that the resale market is HUGE right now. In the past 12 months alone there have been over $20 Million in total sales on ebay for mid century modern furniture brands, which is a heavy focus in our guides. We also spotlight some trendy modern brands, including some that are sold at Design Within Reach.

2 / How often do you send out newsletters?

We send out newsletter updates via email 1 to 2 times a month. Once a month we focus on a specific brand and highlight pieces that have the highest sell through rates. Sometimes we also send out guides showcasing other brands and modern hot ticket items that you can find in stores today.

3 / What makes you resale experts?

We have spent years mastering the art of resale, and have sold over 25,000 items.

4 / How does payment work?

You only need to enter your payment info once. After that, you’ll be automatically billed on a regular cycle.

5 / Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at ANY time. 

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only $49.95 / month

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